Monday, June 1, 2009

The Waiting Game

Hey, everyone! I’m Ed’s Trade Intern, and this summer I’ll be working at a pretty well known fashion industry business magazine, which covers both the business and artistic sides of the fashion industry. From trend reports to store openings to the many ways designers and retailers respond to the economy, fashion trades cover it all.

My internship won’t start until next week, and I won’t be in the city for a few more days. I've done some freelance writing and a lot of editing with my school's publications, but this is my first real magazine internship. I’m almost beside myself with anticipation, and I can’t wait to move to New York and start working!

I will admit, though, that I am a bit concerned about how I’ll fare in the city. I found out just how different New York is from my sleepy little corner of the South (which corner it is, I can’t say – secrecy is a must!) when I flew to the city for my interviews this spring. I met with three people, had lunch with a friend in Bryant Park and took an impromptu walking tour of Midtown all in the space of a few hours. The city moves just that fast, and I just hope that an outsider like me can learn to keep up.

But to me, that’s a huge part of the beauty of New York: almost everyone is from somewhere else. I’m still astounded that you can find people, food and art from all over the world in a few hundred square miles. And while I’ll be looking to native New Yorkers (like our Money Intern) for guidance and advice, I hope I can be a valuable resource to the out-of-town set on how a newcomer can survive and thrive in New York.

Just a tip: if you’re not from New York (and even if you are), consider following @NewYorkology on twitter. It’s already given me so many ideas and so much information about the city, and I’m sure it’ll be a great way to stay in the know.

Have a great night, interns! More to follow tomorrow.

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