Thursday, June 25, 2009

Undercover, Under Pressure

That's so scary that Fashion Intern has been found out! I'll be honest, though - I've definitely been trying to figure out who my fellow intern bloggers are. (Cyber Intern, I thought I almost had you for a second, there - there's a girl in my building who also went jazz-club hopping this past weekend, and I totally thought it was you!)

That said, I think it's important that we do everything we can to protect ourselves as anonymous insider bloggers. Money Intern, Fashion Intern, Cyber Intern and I are all performing what seems to be a pretty valuable service. And although not every post gets a deluge of comments, it is clear that we have a dedicated group of followers who are looking for ways to improve their chances at the office.

At the same time, we're all working for companies that have serious confidentiality clauses. We may or may not be risking our internships by posting every day. I've done what I can to protect my anonymity (including sometimes, ahem, blurring certain details about my day), and I know the rest of us are doing the same thing. My heart goes out to Fashion Intern - if human resources asks you about this, lie like a dog! It seems to me like you're doing a really great job at whichever publication you're working for, and that anyone who might try to use this blog against you is just damn jealous of your success.

Just a tip: If you do get a to write something, check every word twice, then check every word three more times. Just because an editor tells you that something is spelled one way does not mean that's how it's actually spelled. Plus, you'll just end up feeling like a complete failure if something like that gets past you.

Have a great night, interns! More tomorrow!

- Trade Intern


  1. I really enjoy reading everybody's blog entries. I'm so sorry about what happened to Fashion Intern. Everyone provides valuable information for us wannabe New York interns whether you are talking about your intern duties or what to do for fun in New York. I also love your webstie reccommendations! Thanks for all you do. It is appreciated!

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