Friday, June 5, 2009

The Checklist

I'm leaving for the city tomorrow, and since I know a few interns who won't get the city until after I do, I reasoned there are more out there.

That said, I'd like to recommend a few things that might make the trip up (or out, or down, or over, depending on where you're coming from) to New York a little easier. Please find below my list of travel essentials.

1. An iPod. I mean, duh.
2. A long, engaging book to get you through long flights and layovers, like Wuthering Heights or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I'll be reading Iain Banks's Use of Weapons in the air tomorrow afternoon.
3. An empty water bottle. As you can't take more than three ounces of liquid through security, taking an empty bottle to fill at a water fountain in the terminal is the perfect way to stay hydrated without paying a high price at an airport kiosk.
4. Snacks. Taking a small bag of nuts or pretzels will help you keep your energy up, and will also prevent you from shelling out for expensive airplane food.
5. Airborne. I never get on a plane without the stuff.
6. Finally, a pack of gum. It'll help keep your ears from popping when the plane. (Don't ask me about how the mechanics of that work - they just do!)

Safe travels, interns! More on Monday!

- Trade Intern

Addendum: I feel like such an idiot! We're on a magazine intern blog, and I didn't even suggest to bring magazines. I guess I wouldn't have to, given the readership. But of course, a few of my favorite glossies (GQ, Time, Vanity Fair, etc.) will be carefully stowed in my carry-on baggage.

Again, travel safely! 

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