Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion and Beyond: 4 Things My Summer Internship Taught Me

Hey Edsters!

Good news: I officially survived my summer at the Fashion Mag! My last day was a bittersweet one (and, ironically, the slowest day I’ve ever experienced in the closet). While I was happy to reach the finish line of what turned out to be a challenging adventure, I was a little sad to be leaving the closet. The other interns and I have grown so close – as cliché as it sounds, we became a tight knit, overworked, well-dressed family.

Interning at the Fashion Mag definitely opened my eyes to some aspects of the magazine industry that I was not previously aware of. I learned how much planning goes into a single photo shoot – it’s more than models, clothes and a photographer. A photo shoot is an editor going to runway shows in Paris months before the story will run in the magazine. A photo shoot is an assistant calling in clothes and styles from designer’s lookbooks. A photo shoot needs an intern assembling clothing racks at 8 a.m. in the morning and breaking them down at 8 p.m. To know that I played a tiny part in such a huge production is a great feeling.

I’ve also learned what the phrase “eye for detail” means. I’ve used that phrase in many cover letters, but nothing teaches you patience and develops your eye for detail like sorting through 500 pairs of socks looking for a particular design. My patience and determination has grown this summer – I feel like I can tackle any challenge presented to me. Patience is a virtue.

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned at the Mag is that interns need not be scared, timid creatures waiting for orders; instead, they should let their personality shine through while respecting authority. I feel like I didn’t do enough of this. I showed the fashion assistants that I was a hard worker, but they didn’t really know anything about me except that I had a knack for finding missing earrings and was really good at organizing trunks. For my next internship, I’ll be sure to work on the way I interact with the higher-ups.

This internship provided me with invaluable magazine experience, new friendships, knowledge of the city, and a beefed up LinkedIn profile. I started out as a girl from Jersey’s suburbs, and now I can’t stay away.

What did you learn from your summer internship, Edsters? Do you feel accomplished, or just cheated out of a summer vacation?

Off to read the September issue,

Fashion Intern

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