Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Day in Manhattan-town,

Cheesy I know, but it's true!!

Unfortunately I changed from my flip-flops to my stilettos mid-commute and now my beautiful (new) red shoes have wet streaks...hopefully they dry...otherwise I'm just going to have to get a new pair at some point, or designate them as my rainy day shoes...

Anyway, back to Internships. Yesterday wasn't that eventful here in money land. I did a little stock work, but took Fashion Intern's advice to heart and used all of her successful occupying time tips. I found three Starbucks within 10 minutes of my office, and read the NYTimes business section, and metro section online. I discovered a new addition to Times Square---lawn chairs! Of course I knew all about the traffic changes (having driven around the city this weekend which is something I only suggest to native or at least resident New Yorkers as it can be quite hectic!) but I didn't know about this cool new addition. I tend to avoid Times Square like the plague, but this gives me a new place to occupy that hour worth of lunch I am given. Check it out here.

Of course today might not be the best day for that, so I have another rainy day lunch location, or actually I have two of them. First there's the concourse underneath Rockefeller Center. It can be reached via the entrance on 6th avenue but also via the elevator on 51st. It's underneath what will be (at christmas time) the ice skating rink. I don't think they keep the rink open all year, but as I haven't passed it in a while, I can't tell you for sure! This area is virtually a treasure trove of resturants, shops and leads one to madison avenue which leads to St. Patricks Cathedral, Saks, and some other stores depending which way you walk. It's fun, and definitely gives you something to do for the hour. Columbus Circle (59th Street Station on the Red 1 train) is also a cool place to window shop, and sit for a few minutes with a book, magazine, newspaper or Kindle- depending on your preference. There's also a Whole Foods Market here, which will save you money on lunch- you can purchase premade sandwiches, salads etc. I believe there is also some sort of Au Bon Pain/Panera- ish place around the "mall" as well.

Enjoy splashing in puddles, or finding great places to keep dry on this rainy day!!

More tomorrow...

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