Friday, June 5, 2009


It's finally Friday edsters- and I couldn't be happier!

Armed with a Passion Iced Tea from Sbux, I have decided to come in early to get a head start on some things here at the Office. I think that, sometimes, this pays off, and other times, depending where you work, it could be annoying to your boss. SO, beware interns, just make sure you are on the "conscientious" line without becoming annoying.

Okay enough of that! I hope you enjoyed the cupcake blog (and had a cupcake!! I did!) yesterday, and as promised I plan to give you some of my favorite and relatively inexpensive spots here in Manhattan.

The Village-

This is an awesome area if you want to just go out to dinner and bar hop. W 4th St has some really nice college-y bars. College Bar means that it's like more laid back, generally has drink specials, and sometimes even features beer pong- which is really fun!! Shecky's is a great online resource for bars. It gives ratings, address/subway information and also covers a variety of other issues regarding City life.

230 Fifth Ave- Is an awesome rooftop bar/lounge I went to on my 21st birthday- it was really a great time!! We started out here, so we did dinner and drinks and it was relatively inexpensive (about $30 per person). It really all depends on what you drink etc, so don't quote me on this being the cheapest place to go!! (I haven't really found the cheapest place yet, but as soon as I do I will share it, I promise!)

Little Italy and Chinatown- These two areas, or rather one area because it kind of is all connected, generate really great places to eat, shop (for a variety of things including bags, jewelry, sunglasses etc.) and hang out. Mulberry St has a bunch of resturants and cafes that really make you feel like you are sitting on a street in Rome (believe me I've been there, it's true!). A lot of the resturants have fixed price menus which generally run you about $12-15 for a bread basket (ask for Olive Oil and pepper and cheese to dip it in- this is truly HEAVEN!), salad and a choice of entree. Usually the entrees include pasta with chicken, or some other kind of meat, some sort of fish, and some sort of salad dinner. It's always really filling and definitely worth the money. Sangria runs about $ 8-10 for a glass (again don't quote me on prices, it all depends where you happen to stop) and $30 for a pitcher. If you have a bunch of friends get the pitcher, it generally gives 4 people 2 glasses each, depending on how fast/much you drink.

For the celiacs and other allergy prone people- I have a friend who is a celiac (which means she is allergic to wheat and other bread/gluten products, so she has to eat gluten free all the time), and she showed me an awesome Italian place that serves gluten free and vegetarian dinners and desserts. It's located on Bleeker St and it's called the Risotteria. The food is sooo good!! They have risotto dishes (which is rice with cheese and meat (or not in some cases) and veggies and a variety of other "toppings") and GF breadsticks, paninis, and desserts. The carrot cake is amazing!! AND for those of you who aren't gluten free, you really cannot taste the difference.

These are all places I've been to and one's I love, but you know what? It's totally worth it to just pick a section of Manhattan and walk around, in and out of bars, restaurants etc. That's how I found these places- by trial and error. Most resturants have prices listed outside the restuarant so you can have a good guess as to how much the bill would be before you even sit down, and if you ask, many places will allow you to look at a menu first.

So get out there and enjoy the weekend in Manhattan, you've definitely worked hard enough! I'll be back Monday with more stories and perhaps a few new reviews of my own. Be safe, and have a great time!! This is the time to experience life, and there's no greater life experience then Manhattan my darlings!!

A Lunedi!! :D

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