Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost the weekend!

One more day till freedom!! If you work full time like I do, then you are definitely quite excited about sleeping in for two days!!

I also plan to do a little shopping this weekend, and will keep you updated if I find any cool new shops in NYC.

Okay short blog today- about the areas in NYC. The New York Magazine describes each and every section of this City and helps you to understand the people who choose to live there.

Some quick definitions:

As a native, I always hear people refer to Soho, TriBeca, NoLita, etc and yet so many of those same people don't know what they mean.

SoHo stands for South of Houston St. (and that's HoWston, not like the city in Texas) NoHo, north of Houston.

NoLIta- North of Little Italy, a new "trendy" neighborhood name.

TriBeCa- Triangle Below Canal

ANDDD since it's Thursday- I think you should treat yourself Interns!! Try out LifeBooker. It's an online site that slices many of the best NYC spa prices in half. They have everything from Massages to Manicures, Pedis to Tanning treatments. It's been mentioned on Oprah and other talk shows, but since Oprah mentioned it, you know it's totally legit! AND if you add them as a friend on Fbook you get even more coupons and deals.

Enjoy!! More tomorrow =) xox

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