Monday, June 1, 2009

Finding the Money...

So I'm Ed's money intern and my internship is for a relatively well known money magazine. I started last Tuesday and have learned one of my main jobs is finding the money- where it goes, who is still making it despite the Recession, and what type of trends are happening in the world of business. Of course I also get to sit in on meetings, take notes, and enjoy the fabulously glamorous city of Manhattan. I'm also a native New Yorker, so some of my blogs will definitely focus on finding your way around this great City I'm lucky enough to call home.

I'm learning, slowly but surely, that living in the City (which includes the other less well known boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island) and working in the City are two different things. I've been going into the City-for food, theater, culture, and of course Dirty Water Dogs- my entire life, actually since before I could walk, but I've only been working in the City for about 10 months. Prior to my summer internship I was an intern at a household magazine, which was also fun in it's own way.

That's the best thing about the magazine industry, I think. You can "magazine hop," and as one of my editors at my last internship told me, it's important to do a lot of hopping before you graduate. That editor was quite smart, because I am really happy with the switch. You learn new skills and new things and ultimately bring a lot more to the table when you interview in the big, dark and scary "real world." As for right now, however, I am merely enjoying dabbling in the real world for this summer, and am looking forward to returning to my happy little world that I have about 100 miles away at School. I say School with a big S because to type it with a little s implies that I don't love it and that it's just some place where I take classes, instead of my second home.

Anyway enough of this blogging, check back tomorrow for some great eats in Midtown- what I like to call Magazine HQ due to the fact that the two magazines I've worked for (and many my friends have worked for) are often located right in this "little" area between second-seventh avenues and from about 20th to 60th street.

Back tomorrow with more details on the "Job" and of course a lot more on the "getting to the Job and having fun after the Job."

Happy Interning!

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