Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 Success Secrets Every Web Intern Should Know

Hey Edsters!

So I’ve been at my internship four a couple weeks now, and I have yet to get yelled at, get coffee or get lost. What I did get, though, was a smile and a 50-page manual on my first day. That was my intern training.

There was no sitting down for an orientation of new Web programs. There really wasn’t even a conversation. My bosses seemed more apt to iChat instead of talk…while they sat right beside one another. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere like that, so I took my boss up on her “don’t be afraid to ask questions” policy. Thank goodness I did.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Day at a National Magazine Didn't Go Quite As Planned...

My first day on the job was a strange combination of chaos and boredom.

I arrived 20 minutes early, following the route I had practiced the day before. Everything was going according to plan, until I realized the building was actually a complex comprised of multiple buildings – and I had no idea which one was mine. I tried to spot people who looked like journalists to see which door they used, but eventually I had to just pick an entrance. I chose wrong, and ended up being a few minutes late, despite my meticulous planning.

Luckily, my editor didn’t notice I was late, mostly because he hadn’t realized I was slated to start that day. My editor is really nice, in a way that reminds me of the best teachers I had in high school. He’s patient, always seems happy to see me and puts up with my endless questions, but I get the sense that when I’m not standing right in front of him, he forgets I exist.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Ways To Impress The Hell Out Of Your Editor

Hey there, fellow Edsters!

I hope your summers are going well! I’m about to start week three of my internship, and everything has been going pretty smoothly. I’ve adjusted to the office layout and my tasks. I’ve met the other interns, and I’m getting to know my editors. I love it where I am and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity.

However, I do know in the course of the workday, there can sometimes be tasks that aren’t as exciting. Whether it’s boxing old material in the office to give away, sorting through press releases or making that infamous lunch or coffee run (at an old internship, my boss liked to choose an intern randomly to pick up her order, which left us all on the edge during lunch hour), these tasks are small but important. You won’t see the fruits of those efforts in the magazine or publication you’re working for, at least not directly. But most of those tasks revolve around one word — organization — and through them, you have the power to make the office a better place to work in.

I recently had lunch with an editor who emphasized the importance of having a good attitude when it came to the small tasks. Sure, organizing the fashion closet may not be the most intellectually engaging task compared to something like research or interviewing, but it’s just as important in its own right. It’s important she said — and I fully agree — to approach each task as a learning opportunity. It’s all about perspective.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What To Wear As as Fashion Intern (Hint: No Heels)

Whenever I tell someone that I’m a fashion intern, the response I get is usually something like this: “Cool! So do you dress up and wear heels every day?”

Trying to keep my eye from twitching at the very mention of the h-word, I force a fake smile and say, “Nah, not really.”

So why does the very thought of a high heel make me cringe? Why does the mention of what was once my favorite kind of shoe practically bring me to tears? Let me explain.

On the day of my interview, I was dressed to impress in a chic, simple dress and a pair of classic black pumps. I wanted to keep up my image on my first day, so I chose an outfit that was sure to fit in with the atmosphere of the fashion closet, or so I thought. I went for a classic look with a high-waisted black pencil skirt, a ruffled top and a pair of strappy heels. I looked professional. I looked stylish. I looked confident.

I looked like the clueless new girl.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Trick To Landing Your Dream Internship

Hey Edsters!

This summer I will do my best to share advice from my internship at a fitness publication. As a graduate in journalism and electronic media from the good ole University of Tennessee, I will be navigating New York City for the first time on my own, and networking like crazy to try to land a job in the fall.

First off, let me tell you a little about myself. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and I absolutely love all things southern (read: this might be a difficult adjustment for me). I am obsessed with all animals, but mainly my German shepherd, Bernie. My greatest passion is traveling, and my favorite places I’ve visited are Egypt, Germany, Cyprus and Vietnam. My dream job would be an editor at a travel magazine.

I spent last summer as an editorial intern at Playboy magazine, which is based in Chicago.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What NOT To Do On Your First Day

Hey fellow Edsters!

This entry marks the closure of one of the most exciting and overwhelming weeks of my life. I am speaking, of course, of my first week interning for The Mag. Cue the Hallelujahs.

I wish my first week hadn’t gotten off to such a rocky start, but at least now I can share my humiliating mishaps with you smarter, savvier Edsters, so you can learn from them. (I know I have already!)

After a night of tossing, turning, painting my nails twice, and changing my mind about my outfit more times than I’m willing to admit, I wound up getting almost no sleep. That wound up being a huge problem: I proceeded to oversleep and miss my alarm, and was woken up by my well-meaning but clueless mother about ten minutes before I had to catch the train that takes me from my New Jersey hometown to the city. I wound up showing up half an hour late.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 Secrets To Rocking a Skype Interview

As I type, I’m sitting on my bed with mounds of clothes covering the floor. I’m trying to compress my entire life into one suitcase so I can move 500 miles for an internship — my summer internship in New York City. I couldn’t be more excited, and my parents couldn’t be more terrified, but it’s coming quickly, so we’re both adjusting.

Here are the fast facts about me:

-I’m working as a Web production intern and blogger for a men’s fashion magazine this summer.
-I’m from the mid-U.S., a town no more than about 10,000 people.
-I’ve finished two years of a magazine journalism major and just picked up a PR minor.
-I’m devastatingly in love with magazines, shoes and, most recently, DJs. (Steve Aoki, anyone?)
-I’m allergic to cats.

This will, indeed, be my first internship, and I’m so excited!! I’ve already learned a lot. Mostly, it’s that big magazines will keep you waiting. Don’t get discouraged! After sending out 67 applications (resume, cover letter and clips if requested) and a slew of follow-up e-mails, I finally heard back from a few magazines. When I saw the Men’s Magazine in my inbox, though, I almost fell off my library chair! I had found the posting for it here on Ed2010, and I’m so glad my professor had suggested it to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Dream Internship Starts Now

I never pack ahead of time. Just two weeks ago, only 24 hours before I was supposed to leave for the airport to fly home, my room at school was decorated by sweaters and t-shirts strewn randomly over chairs and doors, books dumped on the bed, desk, dresser and floor, and copies of the school newspaper buried among piles of blankets, while my two suitcases sat empty in the middle of the floor.

But now I’m sitting at home, a full four days before I leave, and my suitcases are packed. I’ve read through my packing list five times. All the items on my “things to do before I leave” list are checked off. The airline won’t let me check in and print my boarding pass yet, but other than that, I’m ready to leave. Seriously – right now.

In four days – four long days – I will be on my way to one of my favorite cities to work at one of my favorite magazines. I will be an editorial intern at the major national mag that is the reason I got into journalism in the first place. I could ramble about how excited I am for ages, but in short, this is basically my dream internship.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 Ways To Kick Ass On Your First Day

Hey there, fellow Edsters!

Summer’s just beginning, and I’m a week away from the start of my big internship in New York. It’s an exciting leap forward after interning at magazines and newspapers in the D.C. area because I’ll be working at one of the country’s biggest magazines and away from home.

A quick introduction: I’m a journalism major from Maryland. The story of how I’ve snagged each of my internships is a very different tale, but the one common thread between them is my persistence and patient. I entered each of my internships a little nervous and clueless. I’ve exited each more confident and ready to tackle what’s next.

And a great deal of that confidence is built — believe it or not! — in the first couple weeks when I’m getting oriented to the office. Imagine: you’re on your first day, and your editor is going over your jobs with you. He’s showing you the office, introducing you to so many faces all while going over where to file this, what copier to use, what password to use here, where NOT to put that paper, etc.

It’s overwhelming, definitely, but you know in a few weeks’ time those tasks will be second nature. So how do you get to that point without letting your nerves get the best of you? A few tips I’ve learned (and plan to use this year!):

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Fashion Rookie's First Magazine Interview

“You’re in for it today,” a stranger laughingly commented as I passed him on the sidewalk.

And he was right. There I was, trudging along the streets of the city in heels and a dress in a torrential downpour. My umbrella kept my outfit semi-dry, but the humidity defeated my hair, turning it into a frizzy mess – not exactly the look I was going for on the day of my interview with one of the chicest fashion magazines.

I made sure to arrive early to ease my anxious nerves. I parked myself at a nearby cafĂ© and dried myself off and tamed my hair as best as I could (which isn’t saying much). Finally, interview time rolled around and I did my best to walk into the building’s lobby without shaking. My interviewer came down to meet me and led me to the magazine’s office, where I played it cool while I was actually bursting from excitement on the inside!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Get Ready For Intern Diaries 3.0

Ed's excited to announce that on Monday, June 20th, you will be hearing from a whopping six new intern diarists - our biggest cohort yet - who are ready to expose the highs and lows of working in the magazine industry. From networking tips to cupcake run mishaps, these whippersnappers are sharing it all.

Follow Ed's Edit, Web, Fashion, Features, Fitness, and Women's Magazine Interns as they divulge their stories of success (and yes, sometimes humiliation) all summer. Something tells us this will be as informative as it is entertaining.

Get psyched,