Monday, June 15, 2009

Rain or Shine?

Happy Monday, Edsters! Enjoying this crazy weather? I was woken up at 4 a.m. last night by insane thunderstorms, and now it's sunny as can be. I just don't think I can bring myself to call this "summer" (or break out my sundresses) until it's consistently cloudless and 90 degrees.

In other news, hope everyone had a fun weekend! I spent Friday night in Union Square with some friends, which was a good time. But I need to start getting better sleep on the weeknights -- I dozed off on our way out on the subway! (Waking up at 6:45 am every day to catch the train probably isn't helping.) I also finally saw the Hangover this weekend. It was as hilarious as expected; apparently, the concept of road-tripping to Vegas never gets old. But the audience in the theater was a bit awkward. I was surrounded by elderly men and women (I'm talking about in their late 60s or 70s) who were wheezing with laughter after the opening bit where Zach Galifianakis bares his booty.

Over the weekend, I also read a pretty interesting article in the NYT Magazine about combining dictionaries and thesauri (just kidding, the plural is thesauruses). Amongst some of William Safire's mumbo-jumbo, he hits on a point that I think we can all relate to: abbreviations (or perhaps you simply refer to them as "abbrevs"). It's an interesting take. He makes the argument that abbrevs might not only be a phenomenon with Gen-Yers, but more of a trend of big words and thick dictionaries losing their meaning in society.

Later today, I get to attend a meet-n-greet with one of the winners from American Idol! (Sorry, but I can't divulge names.) While I haven't watched the show since Kelly & Justin, I'm always psyched for a celeb sighting.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, I have a suggestion to perk up your Friday mornings:

Today Show Concert Series
Rockefeller Plaza (49th Street b/w 5th and 6th Ave)
Fridays from June 5 to Aug 21, 7 - 10 a.m.

Good Morning America Concert Series
Rumsey Field (5th Ave and 72nd St, Central Park)
Fridays from June 5 to Aug 21, 7 a.m.

I know 7 is a bit early to rise, but just grab a cup o' joe and grin and bear it. Coming up this Friday: The JoBros on the Today Show, and Jamie Foxx on GMA!

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