Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Print is Dead?

So many people have been saying this lately and I am desperately hoping that it isn't true. And if you look at the numbers, my fellow Edsters, it may not be.

Magazine's have had a significant rise in readership since the beginning of the Recession, mainly because people are staying home more often, and people are going to be loyal to the brands they like. So what does this teach us- Interns hoping to break into the Print Media- it teachs us to always produce the best brand/product in our class. It teachs us to be the best reporters we can be, and by that I mean reading newspapers, blogs, forums, Twitter feeds, Facebook group feeds, etc. basically anything and everything that can give us a story idea and possibly (hey who am I kidding) ultimately land us a job, and an opportunity to help improve the face of media communication as we know it.

I was reading a few things yesterday and someone from the company I'm working at this summer, spoke to us about the changes in Mass Comm. I'm so excited!! To be a part of this change- from print to digital in one way or another, not necessarily online digital media- can be acquated to the days of Ed Murrow and his live radio newscasts, and then his expose on McCarthy. I think we, the interns of today- editors of Tomorrow- have a chance to help influence something great. A new change!! THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES!!

I for one, am going to definitely start doing my homework- because acing the interview is the first step. More on that tomorrow.

Enjoy the day, which I think might be rainy, but at least it's hump day =)

xoxo money intern

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  1. Hey! I'm an intern in NYC too, and today one my editors asked me why I was a journalism major. "The media is dying," he said, and I immediately thought of the twitter group also called @themediaisdying. I'm with you on this one. The business is expanding and changing so much, and everyone is freaking out rather than getting excited about the new changes. To me, these are more opportunities; to me, this is a new, potentially lucrative industry. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm excited. The world is not just going to shut down; we need newspapers, and we need magazines. People will keep buying both in some form. Just sit on any morning or evening commuter train. Most people have a newspaper or magazine in hand. Aiports are loaded with magazines. They fly off the racks at convenience stores. They'll live.