Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Humble Apology

Hi, everyone!

First, please let me say how sorry I am that I've been kinda lax on the posts this week. I'm just getting into the groove of my new job, and as I've said before it's really busy and it's really hard to get out of my office at a regular time.

In the time that I haven't been honoring my blog commitments, I have been loving getting an inside look at the world of fashion. My office is shoe, clothing and accessory heaven. We don't have one fashion closet, we have several (I haven't counted them all, but I probably haven't even seen all of them, there are so many). Each one is divided into a different category, and each one has a dedicated team of fashion interns who work tirelessly to make sure editors have everything they need for shoots, and then making sure it all gets back to the designers' showrooms on time and in one expensive, glorious piece.

But for me, an editorial intern, work is a little different, and a little more varied. Yesterday I spent most of the morning with an editor visiting different designers to find out what their outlook on the economy and how that's playing into what they're creating for upcoming seasons. As it turns out, the hard selling climate has inspired a lot of people (though I can't say who) to do a lot of really interesting things (though I can't say what). 

What my internship is teaching me more than anything else is that fashion is artistic and glamorous and emotional, but that at the same time it's very business-driven, cold and at times inaccessible. But it's always fun to chat with a new designer or to hunt down an impossibly busy PR person who won't return your calls.

Just a tip: When you're working on something and it's vital that you have a quote from a very specific person, don't let their assistant push you around. Especially if it's a piece that's only going to result in favorable coverage for whoever or whatever you're writing about. Get them quotes!

Have a good night, interns! More tomorrow.

- Trade Intern

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