Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post-Ed Party Blues?

G’afternoon, Edsters! Hope everyone had fun at the Ed Intern Party last night at the Boat Basin Café – I know I did! I schmoozed with other interns and Ed staffers from throughout the city, from Conde to Hearst to Meredith. From what I gleaned, interns’ first weeks at the office have been pretty diverse – some have been assigned high-profile interviews, while others have been snubbed by Anna Wintour in the elevator.

Speaking of Conde, I’ve heard wind that swine flu has hit! First Vogue, now Glamour? I guess they’ll just have to tweet about those $6,000 sundresses from their beds, with a cup of hot tea and a box of tissues.

A few days ago, after work, I visited the parenting magazine that I interned for last summer. I asked my previous supervisor about her experiences as a summer intern, and what she wished she had known. I’m going to share some of the wisdom she imparted:

  • At most mags or publishing houses, there is an intranet or directory system that you can use to find info about fellow employees. Use it to your advantage – email some of the people on staff you haven’t met yet (like on the publishing side, if you’re in editorial).
  • If there’s a cafe in your building, they might offer half-price lunches after a certain time of day (i.e. 3 pm). Inquire within!
  • Interns tend to stay in their cubicles most of the day, rather than scoping out the lay of the land. Most floors, however, have pantries with refrigerators, microwaves, and coffeemakers. So feel free to bring a frozen meal (like a Lean Cuisine) for lunch to save some dough.
  • Instead of buying a new bottle of water each day, reuse your old one – refill it at the water cooler at work. Going green is the way to be.

Although it’s a Thursday, I’m probably going to stay in tonight (well, maybe after a happy hour). Ever since I started reading Jodi Picoult’s newest book, Handle With Care, I haven’t been able to put it down! I’m a major Jodi fan – so excited that My Sister’s Keeper is coming out as a movie on June 26. Anyway, Handle With Care is sprinkled with fun facts. My favorite one so far is that “town” is the oldest word in the English language...maybe I’ll throw that out there tonight at dinner with the fam.

Coming up in tomorrow’s blog: your step-by-step guide to enjoying a Saturday in St. Mark’s Place! Be sure to check back :)


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