Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey Interns!

Can you believe it's June 30th already!! Hard to believe I know! In two short months I'll be heading back to school, and I'm sure most of you will be too, with tons of knowledge and contacts in the magazine industry!

Keep working hard interns and also start filling out those fall apps!! I don't know how many of you plan to stay at your current internship, (or how many have been guaranteed a spot) but I always like to be safe rather then sorry.

Some great databases- Ed2010 (of course!), Cub Reporters, Journalism Jobs, JobFox, and of course the old staples like Monster. Another option is to go directly to the company Web site and search there. Nowadays many companies have highly useful and organized databases for jobs and internships and they allow you to post your resume, apply for the job and keep tabs on your status all from their website. Craigslist is also good, although some of these aren't paid. MANY OF THE JOB SITES I LISTED HAVE PAID INTERNSHIPS!! Hey, I know it's hard being a college student (I am one!) so why not get experience and some moolah? Go for it!! This summer's experience will definitely help, but if you haven't been interning, never fear, you could still find a great internship for the fall.

Another helpful hint- keep an excel sheet (I prefer to use the one available through gmail, as it is easier to navigate then Microsoft's) with the headings: Company, Job Applied for on, Emailed Resume, Sent Resume to HR (and list contact), Put Resume on the Company Site, Heard Back on, and comments. This way you can keep track of the jobs you apply to and the status of each application.

And finally, use TWITTER, Facebook, MySpace, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can think of to connect with the outside (hiring) world.

Good luck! And keep working hard!! And enjoy the gorgeous day- I think I might even treat myself to some Tasti D Lite today =)

xxx Money Blogger

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