Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who runs the Board of Ed-

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Okay so for those of you not familiar with the NYC education system here's the deal. NYC had a board of education run independently of the Mayor's office until about 7 years ago when Bloomberg (who I happen to like) took it over. This system has been working; but now with all the problems in Albany (basically a bunch of elected officials who cannot seem to work together as adults (this is obviously a strict opinion)) we still don't know who actully runs the schools as of today, July 1st. There's a great article about this in AMNY which is why I'm talking about it.

AMNY is, although it's free, a great paper and a great way to find out things about local happenenings. For example there was a free yoga class in Bryant Park (42nd and 6th to about 42nd and 5th) yesterday and it also gives a listing of all movie times at local theaters.

Basically it's short and to the point news perfectly fit to be read on the subway.

Anyway how are all of you!! Email me with some new questions or topics you'd like covered @ Edsmoneyblogger at gmail dot com. I'd love to address any questions you may have and i'd love to hear what's been going on at your internships. You can (of course) keep it anonymous!!

Enjoy the day interns and remember tomorrow's the last day before the three day weekend!!

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  1. its a good one.. its nice to read..i hope so every weekend should b a great one for u..como agrandar el pene