Friday, June 12, 2009


YAYAY Friday, the best day of the week- and honestly I think I might have said that last Friday but I just cannot contain my excitement!

Hope you all had a fabulously glamorous week and are loving working in Manhattan at your respective magazines- because I know I am!! The end of my third week has shown me that despite the fact that I'm really not writing as much as I was at my old household mag internship, it's still awesome to 1) Have a job in the Industry 2) be able to work in Manhattan. Working in Manhattan opens your eyes to soooo many things!!

I took the W down to Prince St. yesterday after work to put up those Baked by Melissa quarter cupcakes I spoke about in my cupcake post and let me tell you- they were totally worth the trip!! I brought them home and my family enjoyed them as well!! My favs are the red velvet and the smore cupcakes...oh and the peanut butter ones!! They are just so small and yet sooo satisfying. I can honestly say I had none of that post-Crumbs guilt (bc Crumbs cupcakes are HUGE!). I also noticed, as I was walking around on Broadway, that there are a ton of awesome shops down there! There was a HUGE Nine West (that was having a sandal sale), a Victoria's Secret, a Prada (a little out of my range, but still fun to look at) and a bunch of cute little resturants and such. I'm definitely spending some time there next week!

Another topic I want to remind you about is your magazine/building ID card. Some companies/businesses around your office offer discounts for employees. And since you are a card carrying intern, generally you get those discounts too- but even more so if you are a paid intern. These can often be found on your companies internal website (like the one that opens up on your network linked computer) or on the websites of the shops in the area. Columbus Circle mall shops offer a bunch of discounts to mag employees and students a like (most times you cannot combine them, but remember that NYU plays a huge part in this city and some places often give college discounts all year long).

So basically what I'm trying to say is have fun, save money, and enjoy manhattan!!

Happy Weekend!! Talk to you Monday!!


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