Thursday, June 18, 2009

Star-Struck in NYC

Surprise, surprise – more rain! My plan to wear a cute polka-dot dress with my new red pumps was thwarted. Instead I’m wearing pants and a sweater because of this mean trick that Mother Nature is playing on us.

Things go so much more quickly when you’re in pow-wows all day! Yesterday, I got the opportunity to meet the entertainment editor to talk about interviewing celebs. She gave the interns some great tips, including the "silent trick" after asking a question. Don't be so concerned with asking all the questions you've prepared - instead, let it flow like a normal conversation and pause after each question, letting the interviewee fill the silence. (aka, if you're interviewing Beyonce, let her do the talking. I'd be totally calm, right?)

The entertainment head was so nonchalant about working with big shots. To her, PR and networking with celebs is strictly a business - I guess if you’re in the business, you need to see it as a business. You can't exactly come off as a creepy star-struck stalker... cough cough...

Then later that afternoon, a fledging singer came into the office to play some songs off her new soundtrack for the Web staff. Hey, I might have heard Z100's new hottest single ahead of time!

Lots of work to do today, so that's all for now. But in the meantime, to cheer you up on this gloomy day, here's an awesome site for all you Edsters on the cheap. It boasts daily listings of free things to buy, do, see, and eat in NYC: The Skint. Bookmark it ASAP!

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