Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Living in New York like a New Yorker, or at least like a New Yorker on a College Budget

Good Morning Edsters!

I'm sure you are just turning off your alarms right about now (as I did 5 minutes ago) and heading to the gym and/or shower to quickly run to Starbucks to properly start your day! I find that going to the gym in the morning definitely gives you the jolt you need, but unfortunately some days those extra 45 minutes in a warm, cozy bed are exactly what you need!!

Anyway, if you're lucky enough to live in Manhattan itself this summer, then you know getting your morning Joe is quite easy--you walk, but what do you do when you want to get from wherever you are to "your" office? You can Hail a Cab!! (Which at times, in four inch stilettos is the smartest idea, remember the clackers in Devil Wears Prada? There's a reason for cab money in a budget darlings!) Now this may seem like a trivial topic, but unless you want to look like a tourist, there's a specific way to do it. Only the cabs with the top lights on can accept riders (although this might change with Bloomberg's new initiatives) and so it's no use in hailing ones without their lights on- this will definitely make you look out of place. So basically look for the lit up ones and step out into the street and stick your arm out! You own this city, gorgeous (or handsome ;) ) and now is the time to make EVERYONE (from your editor, to your paper guy, to your Barista) know it! Being a New Yorker is about being CONFIDENT, and what's more confident then stepping into the street with a dozen cars flying by you at about 10 miles over the speed limit? Dare I call you super woman/man? I do!

Now for those of you who prefer the subway, which actually I do, there's a way to that as well. Google Maps provides you directions right- turn by turn great directions. Well, they also provide you subway directions AND times!! If you have a smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) you can put the url ( into your address bar and ultimately find out how long it will take you to get anywhere in the city AND what train you should take AND what time the next train is coming! AWESOME, right? (Now just don't forget to arm yourself with one of those unlimited metrocards!!)

Okay, more tomorrow on those cupcakes, I felt this was a better topic for today, and the cupcakes will keep you coming back for more, in addition to our other bloggers- check them as out as well- I've been reading them and I must say they all have their own unique take on NY and it's awesome :D

Oh and one other thing Edsters- don't, whatever you do, stare up at the buildings- that's definitely a tourist label- if you want to admire the gorgeous architecture of NY, and of course I do on a daily basis, slowly glance up and then look away, it's better that way, because you definitely don't want to walk into your next boss on a Manhattan street and spill their Starbucks on them!! That's another thing! You never know who you'll meet in NY, so ALWAYS dress to impress. Black is rather the uniform of Manhattan's elite, but a pop of color never hurt anyone.

Molti Baci Edsters, xxxx

Money Intern

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