Thursday, June 18, 2009


After a week of fulfilling an editorial intern’s dream – Writing a story! On
my own page! With a byline! – today I finally started getting assigned tasks
that reminded me exactly where I am in the chain of command. This morning I
sifted through literally thousands of frames from Monday’s CFDA awards to
find 20 that were suitable for next week’s issue. Then I called and confirmed a few appointments for a few higher-ups, and then I called in a few quotes on a story that our accessories editor was working on.

After lunch, I got to see first hand how the magazine's feature departments pulls together its stories in my first writers' meeting. It was really interesting to see how a story goes from a simple concept to a budgeted item - for an issue four months in the future - in under an hour.

It's after midnight now, but I do want to tell everyone about a cool thing that I got to do after work. I'm actually just getting in from the event - I went straight there from the office, which is why this post is so late coming. But it was probably the coolest thing I've done in New York so far, and I'll have details tomorrow.

Have a great night, interns! More tomorrow

- Trade Intern

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