Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your Complete Guide To Organization At Work

Hi Edsters,

With the craziness that is working at a magazine, it is important to stay as organized as possible. I have been guilty of forgetting minor details or been in need of a desk clean-up before, especially the more the summer goes on and the long term assignments need to be worked on. Working with editors and other interns has taught me a few tips about staying on track with assignments and not forgetting anything. It is definitely important to remember what you have due and the details your boss gave you. 

Here are the times I have felt unorganized and tried to find a solution to the messy.

When running an errand... I could spare myself a lot of semi-heart-attacks if I kept better track of receipts. I have never lost one but I have by mistake placed them down on a shelf or put them in a mysterious pocket I didn't know I had. Therefore, I find it best to put the receipt in my wallet next to whatever cash I have on me. That way it is easy to notice it when giving it to your boss. Another important tip is to put the company credit card (if given one) somewhere also noticeable in your wallet, away from other cards. 

When given a lot at once... Keeping track of deadlines, who the assignment is for, and important details for the task can get confusing. This past week I was given a lot at once although the time I needed to finish the assignments ranged. Instead of just flagging the emails sent to me with assignment information, I took out a large post-it and wrote in order from soonest to lastest when everything was due. I also put tons of post-it on my computer with info like my phone number and email addresses. 

When called over by an editor... The rule in our office is always bring a pen and notepad with you when going to an editor's desk. Although it can seem like common sense, I have forgotten to bring something to write on with me at times thinking it was only a small assignment, when in reality it was not. Feel free to devote an entire page to that assignment, it helps stay organized and uncluttered! Besides, it will take a while to through an entire notebook.

When researching a dense subject... The best of my internship is when I get to research really important topics that are affecting women domestically and across the world. With that in mind, the research on these issues can get long and intense, making me lose track of where I am or what I'm working on. If 6 o'clock comes and I'm in the middle of something the way I keep track of where I was is to re-open my history the next morning. In addition, writing down websites I still need to check or even making a check list helps me most effectively organize. 

How do you stay organized in the office? Share your tips below!

Out for now,
Edit Intern

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