Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Master the New York Subway, All While Keeping a Smile

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Let's face it -- the New York City subway system can make anyone's nerves curl into a tight-wounded ball. From the stampeding crowds scurrying up and down the stairs, to the murky corners and sometimes fowl smells, it's no place you wish to be at longer than you have to. Yet, over the course of the last few weeks where I've had to zip across the city on sporadic fashion runs, I've found ways to make the subway seem more like a friend rather than foe.

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This change of heart began as soon as I downloaded the app, HopStop. I'm telling you all now, this little app filled with subway knowledge has become my new best friend. Or at least from 9 am -5pm. It's designed so user-friendly that even technology-challenged people like me can use it without problems. All you do is log in your current location and the place you're desiring to go and bam! Just like that, this app provides the quickest subway routes, along with walking directions once you've left the subway station. In addition to the transit directions, HopStop evens supplies the schedules of the trains.

I'd be the first to admit, I found the subway system here in this massive city to be rather intimidating. With all the different colored lines, named by numbers and letters, I contemplated how I'd ever learn, much less in 10 weeks. However, thanks to HopStop, all those fears subsided, making me feel that much more like a local, especially since I'm not hovering over the maps like I once was. Allowing myself to put my trust in my smartphone, riding the subway has truly become more enjoyable, or as joyful as a subway can be! Not once has this app let me down. And I'm hoping it'll stay this way. 

What apps do you use to get yourself from point A to point B? With so many out there, I'm dying to know other great ones!

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