Saturday, July 13, 2013

Running In Heels

Hello fellow Edsters!

This past week at the magazine one of the editors gave some of the interns a presentation on being professional and kicking a** over the course of this summer and wherever we go in our careers. There have been so many discussions recently on women in the workforce and how important it is for women to aspire to be in the top of their fields. The presentation touched on everything to know from how to dress to how to deal with a crisis. I was surprised by a lot of what the editor said but also extremely interested in the tips on how to be professional in a magazine setting. A few tid-bits of information stuck out that aren’t just relevant to working in publishing.

Don’t be the one with the highest heels. Nearly every college student knows the importance of presentation when going over documents with their boss or in a meeting. However the standards are different in certain offices, especially when working at a magazine with half of its pages devoted to fashion. There is undoubtedly pressure to wear 4 inch heels every day at work and flaut this season's collections but the editor was telling us what is really important to remember. Clothes that fit well, are the approximate length (short skirts, obviously a no-no), and not too much make-up she said is key. I was surprised by the length a manicure could go according to the editor, which made me feel less guilty for changing my polish weekly. She concluded the appearance discussion on that fact women and men are judged differently in the office so it is important to remember to present yourself well, despite the unfairness.

Don’t stress under stress – make it work. To quote Tim Gunn, the editor told us how important is it to not melt under pressure from your boss. I have told myself this time and time again however right before we had the presentation it was my job to print the slideshow slides and I stressed. I was panicking they wouldn’t be printed in time and that I was going to get in trouble. I realized that I needed to calm down, not just in that moment but also in the future when faced with a problem at work. Keeping calm under pressure is extremely important because it maintains a level of professionalism.

Say yes but be honest. This may seem like advice you have been given several times before but I never mind hearing it again. The editor stressed the importance of being flexible and willingness to preform any task thrown at you. Never say you can’t do something, there is a way. Copier broken? Call for help. Can’t find the research? Try a different search engine. And, if you for some reason really do need help, don’t be shy to tell your boss. She/he will understand!

Few things are better than getting advice from a high editor at a magazine -- and when that editor happens to work where you do, even better. What is the best professional tip you've been given? Share below!

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