Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Surviving the Heat, Fashionista Style

Well Edsters,

There's no doubt about it. Summer is here, with temperatures to the max. I don't know about you, but this New York City heat is trying to get the best of me, and my hair! See, for years now, summer and I have developed a love/hate relationship. There's nothing I adore more than the fun outdoor activities that come with this season, not to mention all the summer dresses, wedges, and short shorts you can get away with. Yet, the humidity can sometimes take a damper on these anticipated days. My usual leisure walk to the subway quickly turns into a grueling, sweaty nightmare, in which I look like a hot mess by the time I get to my destination.

Seeming how I have no control over the soaring thermostats, I have come up with some useful fashion/beauty tips on how to survive the dreadful heat. Let's be honest, even when it feels like a smothering sauna outside, you still want to look your best right?! Therefore, I've created a mini-collage on how we, fashionistas, can take on the sun's beaming rays.

  • For starters, I've found there's nothing more comfortable -- and stylish -- on hot, humid days than a sleeveless, sheer top. And because these blouses are flying to the top of the trends list this summer, you can most likely find them in any shop. Particularly for printed, colorful ones, check out Forever 21. 
  • Sheer shorts are another one of my favorites. Not only are they cool and comfy, but the added touches (like the laced ones below) add a touch of glam to any outfit.
  • In the summer, my go-to hairstyle has become the one-and-only ballerina bun, such as Lauren Conrad's below. This effortless undo is great for this season, as well as a quick way to add some chicness to your look.
  • We all know that accessories are a necessity to taking any outfit to the next level. Except in the scorching temperatures of summer, I've found that the big statement pieces sometimes causes more sweat than desired. Therefore, I've become a fan of smaller-pieced jewelry. These are still just as cute and fun, yet much more lightweight.
  • A smaller purse is also a great way to take on summer. As silly as it sounds, if you're anything like me, you tend to pack everything you own and more into your bag. That results in one heavy pocketbook. By switching only your must-haves into a smaller purse or even a clutch will allow you to still look stylish without feeling tied down.
  • Sandals, sandals, sandals!! I love them so. Not only are these shoes extremely lightweight, but they come in all different prints, designs, and colors! Check out Target for a great selection at an even better price!
  • Lastly are my beloved oil sheets, me new lifesavers. Wandering around this big city has its perks, yet I've found myself having more of an oily face than usual. For a quick fix, I use the Clean & Clear oil sheets. These take about five seconds to use and allow you to feel so refreshed and clean (hence the name!). Perfect for a hot, muggy day if you ask me!

NYC Heat

What are some tricks you've come up with when surviving the tremendous heat that's taking NYC by storm? Please feel free to share any beauty tips -- I'd love to know:)


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