Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lights, Camera, Intern! What It's Like To Go Behind The Scenes at a Magazine Photoshoot

Hello Edsters,

Before I started my internship at one of my favorite fashion magazines, I tried to visualize what my days would entail. As glamourous as I might have imagined them to be, I knew long treacherous days were heading my way. That thought has now turned into my reality. 

Immediately as I walk through the glass doors of magazine heaven, insanity starts, especially when there is a photo shoot that day. From zig-zagging in cabs across the city to picking up needed pieces at various showrooms and the daily coffee runs for multiple editors, it's becoming less and less surprising when I look down at my glitter-incrested watch to see the time has passed me by. Yes, I feel as though I have become Andy in The Devil Wears Prada.

Yet as tiresome as my two weeks into my internship has been, my hard-work seemed to finally catch someone's eye when one of the assistant editors asked if I could lend a helping hand at one of their shoots (as if I'd ever say no!). Before she could even finish her sentence, that three-letter word flew out of my mouth!

The day of the shoot seemed like a dream. Of course I had to get to set early in order to help set-up and make sure everything would go smoothly throughout the day, but just being there watching magazine editorials come alive made all of the backstage work seem like child's play. All of the lights, the camera equipment, and even the slew of food that was catered for all of the help seemed as if a movie was playing before my eyes. I couldn't help but take a few steps back just to soak everything in. 

One year ago, if someone had told me that I'd be working with renowned stylists and assisting editors for a fashion spread, I'd probably laugh in their face. Yet to be the intern picked to be a part of such a wonderful experience, I truly felt like LC on The Hills! Even though the day was a long one just because I had to stay and make sure everything was packed up and ready to be returned to the closet at the office, nothing could kill my fashion high! I just cannot wait to relive moments like this throughout the rest of the summer.

How are your internships going so far? Have you been able to be a part of something that sparks your interest!?

Fashion Intern

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