Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Get Better Assignments

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Recently, the Mag has been prepping for a major photo shoot. I was invited to sit in on the meeting with my editors as they went through a checklist. The list consisted of items that need to be borrowed or bought from various retailers, and who was responsible for checking them in. 

I was surprised at how organized everything was in order for the shoot to run smoothly. During the meeting, one of the editors was nervous about ordering an item of furniture because it was out of stock in the retailer’s New York locations. Because I live near the non-city store, I offered to call in the item and have it shipped to the shoot myself.

All of my editors’ heads snapped up when I mentioned taking on an important role. 
But the editor running the photo shoot gave me all of the information necessary and handed over the responsibility to me. 

The moral of the story: step up in your position. By demonstrating that you are capable of holding greater responsibilities, you’ll receive more of them (hopefully!). 

One of my journalism professors said that the best way to do this is by testing the waters. See how your editors react to you taking on more responsibilities. Anyway, the bigger assignments are usually much cooler. After successfully doing so, I’m going to continue to test the waters.

Editors, do you have any good or bad experiences with interns taking on greater responsibilities? Interns, any stories to add? 

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