Friday, July 5, 2013

Boundaries with your Boss


Although I am the only intern in the editorial department, I befriended someone my own age. Let’s call her Reese.

Reese is an intern in the market research side of the Mag. So basically she gets to see all of the products that the Mag shoots way in advance, and then packs them up UPS-style.

We got lunch the other day and it’s really cool to talk to someone that isn’t your competition. I don’t need to worry about competing for extra projects or splitting up work, and I can reap the benefits of networking.

Reese isn’t the only one I’ve gotten to know. I work alongside six editors in my office, and everyone is super friendly. Sometimes I do question my sense of professionalism because of the strange boundaries.

Everyone jokes together in the same alcove, and I want to show off my personality and be friendly, but I’m afraid that I cross the line of being too informal. It’s really hard for me to distinguish how I should act when my superiors aren’t in the huge corner office or just completely unapproachable.

I know I'm not an editor, and I don't want to be viewed as someone who thinks she belongs. I liken it to  pledging a sorority-- although the girls are nice and your sisters, you're still a pledge.

Edsters, any advice on human interaction in the workplace?

Shelter Intern

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