Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Power of Introducing Yourself

Hello Edsters,

Truth be told, checking in and out requested samples of clothes and accessories have been becoming a little monotonous lately. Therefore, when I was riding up the elevator this morning, I decided it was time to make a change. And we all know if we want things to take place, we must be the ones to act! 

After packing my lunch away in the office kitchen, I decided to go around and introduce myself to all the team members I hadn't had the chance to meet in the past few days.
Yet when I approached one assistant editor I've been eager to work with, I asked if she had any tasks I could complete for her. I could tell she was a little taken back by my enthusiasm because it took her a few seconds to process my request to help. Nonetheless, she seemed overjoyed and I basically became her sidekick for the rest of the day. This was by far my favorite day yet! I got to help her research designers and update her current files on the latest trends.

As the day progressed and she saw my willingness to not only assist her but also learn, I noticed she was trusting me more with her work. This became overly obvious when she handed me several tasks to to complete for her boss, one of the prominent faces of the magazine. Pinch me!

In such a fast paced environment as the magazine world, I've found it is hard to stand out, especially when there are twenty-some other interns doing the same work as you. Yet today proved how utterly surprising a simple introduction can make a difference. Just as this internship is meant to be a learning experience, I'm quickly understanding how crucial building relationships truly is. And that, in this industry, I'm finding is key to success.

What about you all -- what are some ways you guys are finding it easier to stick out?

Fashion Intern

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