Saturday, June 8, 2013

Introducing The PR Girl Turned Magazine Junkie


I have to admit, I haven’t always dreamed of interning at a magazine. In high school my life revolved around being a program director and editor for the radio station, slaving away at correcting beats and creating playlists for the following day’s shows. When I got to college and starting studying in a school of the communication, I decided to step away from journalism and major in Public Communication and minor in Marketing. Very quickly I became immersed in the public relations industry with my first PR class and involved in my school’s social media club. It wasn’t until halfway into my freshman year that I joined my school’s online magazine for women after searching for a creative outlet outside of the classroom.

I went on that summer to intern at a small tech and consumer PR firm, picking up all the skills necessary to write a press release, collect journalist’s emails on Cision, and brainstorm client promotional ideas. Over time I realized not being the one creating the content was limiting and I wanted to try something new.

To be honest, until a fellow peer of mine interned at women’s magazine, the idea didn’t even cross my mind. I have always been an avid reader of magazines; the day my mom wrapped up a subscription order receipt for my thirteenth birthday remains clear in my memory. In a weird way, weaving such an important aspect of my life into a career seemed too far-fetched or impossible.

Following my summer of interning at a public relations firm and now with an editor position at my school’s online magazine, I knew I wanted to conquer the world of glossy publications.

With a lot of hard work, hours spent on an edit-test during midterms, and a dash of good luck, I landed an amazing features department internship this summer in New York City. Working in The Big Apple is something I had done before, and as a New Jersey native I am prepared to do it again, this time in a different industry. I am excited to be sharing with you Edsters the tricks of the trade I pick up and every mistake I make. I promise you all my honest opinions, embarrassing stories, and the experiences I gain.

That’s it for now but stay tuned – more is ahead!

Until next time,
Edit intern

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