Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Wardrobes, Post-Abroad Shock, and Pre-Internship Jitters!

Hey Edsters,

Ed’s other Interns may be starting up their internships this week, but I’ve still got two more weeks in beautiful Italy! Though I’m lucky to have more time studying abroad, it’s not all pizza and gelato: I’ve got to finish up my final exams, harass my professors in the US to write me letters of credit from afar, and find a new work wardrobe—I’ve only got four days at home before I start my internship!

Here’s what I’m most looking forward to about heading home:

Seeing all of my family and friends! Facebook Chat and Skype can only take you so far for six months. I can’t wait to tell everyone I care for all about my semester abroad in person!

Heading back to my internship, of course! Though I’ve emailed and tweeted my editors and continued blogging for the site, I CANNOT WAIT to see them every day and get in the thick of the fun that I’m lucky enough to call work.

The pace of life! I’ve definitely learned how to take it easy in Italy, but I’m ready to head back to the constant posts, photo shoots, interviews, and staff meetings. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

And what I’m least looking forward to:

No more spontaneous adventures
. Visiting one of my school newspaper co-editors for a weekend in Paris, impromptu pizza outings, hanging out at Università di Gelato – I am so lucky to have had such an awesome semester, and I justified never saying no to anything with “this will be a great story for my blog!” Now that I’m heading back to the US, I’ll be balancing my (unpaid) internship with a part-time job. Goodbye, spontaneity. Hello, schedules!

Meeting other interns. I’m not as mean as I sound – some of my best friends are fellow interns, and I’m upset that I’ll have to navigate life at the mag without them! It’s going to be a completely different life in the web closet, and while I can’t wait to become besties with my intern class, it’s going to be a completely different experience. I also know that part of the reason I was rehired is to help the other interns learn our complicated Content Management System and I’m not sure I’ll be great at explaining it. Eeeek!

. NJ Transit is the worst, and I hate being the girl to crash on friend’s couches after press events. I’ll use the time to think of lots of pitches for the site!

What are you most excited about for this summer, Edsters? If you have any tips for readjusting back to life post-abroad (or just surviving commuting), send them my way!

Web Intern

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