Friday, June 28, 2013

Expectations vs. Reality: What Will Your First Day Really Be Like?

Dear Edsters,

Do you know that scene in 500 Days of Summer? It’s the one where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is walking to Zooey Deschanel’s party, and the screen splits in half to show the audience JGL’s expectations versus his reality.

On my first day of the Mag, it felt a lot like that. Here is my version:

Expectation: I was going to walk into the lobby and see glamazons everywhere.
Reality: When I walked in there was a long line of interns waiting to get their temporary IDs, all wearing various outfits I myself own.

Expectation: I need to prove myself.
Reality: I was so shocked by how friendly everyone is at the Mag, from my supervising editors to the editor-in-chief himself. I’ve learned all of these different computer programs, and I am scheduled to learn how to use the Mag’s content management system later this week.

Expectation: I'm going to have a whole list of tasks to complete, mostly running errands.
Reality: I’ve done one errand-type job, which was wrapping up products to send back to the designers. Otherwise, I’ve sat at my desk all day without having to go anywhere.

Expectation: I’ll be assigned tasks that I will not know how to complete.
Reality: So far, the majority of my work has been social media outreach, scanning images and using very little of Photoshop. So far I haven’t been given a task where I stared at it with no clue how to do it.

Expectation: I was going to be competing against other interns.
Reality: I’m the only one!

Expectation: I won’t be writing.
Reality: While this is true, I’ve been given a couple of opportunities to write up articles. My first one was just published on the Mag’s website.

Overall, this experience has been so hands-on and I’m learning so much more than in a classroom. Have you experienced a time where your expectations didn’t match your reality? Please share!


Shelter Intern

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