Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There is No Place Like Home (Well, Except Maybe New York) 

This is it, my friends. My last post! I’m headed home to North Carolina with my suitcase full of knock-off bags and jewelry, a laptop full of notes, and an address book full of contacts. While I can’t say it’s been easy (if you’ve been a loyal reader, you’ll know that all the research and fact checking definitely has NOT been easy), it has been the best summer! The experience I’ve gained at this magazine is priceless, and I’m so grateful to the editors for giving me a chance.

Last February, on a whim, I applied to a few big name magazines. Never imagining I’d actually get one, I also applied to a few in NC. Miraculously, I got a call back from New York. So I packed my bags, kissed my momma goodbye, dumped that loser boyfriend, and hoped on that plane, not looking back!

The only advice I have for you is to take a chance. Don’t sit back waiting for the big names to come to you. There is no reason that you can’t be sitting in my cute little cubicle next summer. (With some luck, maybe you’ll see me ruling the city as a very powerful, super awesome editorial assistant!)

My last week was surprisingly busy. After a slow week, us interns were slammed with fact checking work, copies, and errands. While I was going insane with the tedious fact checking work, it was a great opportunity to spend a last bit of time learning details from one of my bosses. Aware that I was leaving, she made sure to slow down, and point things out.

I may never have received that clip (Damn the world!), be sure to end your internship on a positive note. Be sure to take advantage of everything while you have it at your fingertips!

My last few moments at work were bittersweet. I had come to admire my bosses, and will miss my two co-interns. But hey, that’s what facebook is for! As I walked out that gorgeous building, I felt tremendously optimistic about my future. I strutted down that street like I was hot stuff. No one could bring me down. Except maybe that stupid biker (Clearly, it was his fault… I mean who rides their bike in the middle of the sidewalk?)

See you on the flip side, Edsters!

Forever yours,
Edit Intern

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  1. good luck with everything!! :) i hope to be in your shoes in the near future!