Monday, August 9, 2010

What to do When The Other Intern Gets All The Cool Work

One of the downsides of actually liking your co-interns is that you can’t hate them for getting cool jobs. Our entertainment editorial assistant is leaving soon, and of course, Intern 1 gets to sit at her desk next week and “do her job.” I wish I could bitch about her in this blog, but all I can say is, “You go, girl!”

A few weeks ago, my associate editor gave me more fact checking work. This is the same job I have been working on since my first week here in May. I will be so relieved and excited to finally see this story in print! This time, I’m working on the web version. Associate Editor told me it wasn’t due for a few weeks, so I’ve been putting it off, and now I’m scrambling! I have to update this copy with the info I found for the print copy, then check the new info. It’s a little easier this time around. The research department isn’t as strict for the web, but it’s still taking me forever.

While chatting at the coffee machine, Associate Editor apologized for giving me all the fact checking work (Intern 1 and 2 rarely get big fact checking jobs). She said “When we find something you’re really good at, we just stick it with you! You know the drill and we trust you.”

Yes, fellow Edsters, you heard correctly. My bosses TRUST me and think I am an excellent fact checker. Hmm, maybe instead of writing, I’ll join the research department… Nah.

The end of the summer is almost here! Be sure to seize all those opportunities before it’s too late, and you’re driving home to NC with three young cousins, beach chairs, and your overstuffed suitcase on your lap.

Does anyone else have fun summer vacays planned? Or know a fellow intern who gets all the good assignments? Share your stories in the comments!

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