Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

There are few nicer and more heartfelt things than a little piece of handwritten card stock, especially in the hyper-digital world we live in. I’ve gotten internships and jobs before simply because I sent post-interview thank yous. So I’m definitely planning on doing the same to wrap up my internship at The Mag, as well as the one I’ve been doing at The Radio Station.

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to say to all of my bosses in the notes I write in the next couple of weeks. There have been a few people I’ve gotten to work with who I can truly say have helped shape my career in some way. I’m going to look back on the examples they set and the things they taught me for years -- I’ve gotten so much value out of just being able to watch talented journalists and editors at work, and I’m totally going to keep that in mind should I even be in a position to have an intern some day. Though I’ve grumbled about the hard work I’ve had to do for no pay, I’ve definitely gained something, and there are definitely thank yous in order.

What about you, edsters? Are you buying some pretty stationery and writing out thank yous? What do you do to finish off an internship right?

City Intern

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