Monday, August 23, 2010

Adios, New York! I’ll be back! 

So Edsters, this is my last week in New York! I’ve already written up a calendar of my last week.

Sunday: Shopping in Soho
Monday: Drinks with my friends
Tuesday: See La Cage au Folles
Wednesday: Cheap manicure/pedicure, before I return home and pay a fortune
Thursday: See Promises, Promises
Friday: Broadway in Bryant Park, buy presents for loved ones and pack

I’m sure you’ll see me flying down the street, trying to make the curtain call for a show. Or maybe haggling over the price of a knock-off Tiffani’s ring in Chinatown (which you can get for the amazing price of $10! It hasn’t even turned my finger green yet).

Leaving New York City is going to be pretty difficult. Even though I didn’t live in Manhattan, the city was always there for me when I needed a new dress, a break from my crazy cousins, some entertainment, and even a friend.

As I walk down the streets of North Carolina, I’ll miss the delicious smells of the food carts, people watching (it’s just not as interesting in NC), easy access to cheap and amazing pizza, and the way the street turns my feet black (well, maybe not that part).

New York City has taught me so many things, and not just through my internship. I learned that it is not as fun as it sounds to pull the fire alarm on the subway. After sitting on the 1 train for 45 minutes at 5 am one night, I’ll never be tempted to try that. I experienced so many different cultures, ideals, and religious beliefs.

When I look back on my summer here, I smile at the memories, then get really excited because I KNOW I’ll be back!

Hope everyone has a great week. It’s winding down, so be sure to take advantage of everything while you have it at your fingertips!

Do you have any last week tips? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I'm from NC and I understand how you feel about going back. I live in Philly now and when I have to visit my parents I immediately begin to miss everything about the city.

    As far as last week tips go, I'd say just make sure you get contact info from everyone and have as much fun as possible!