Monday, August 2, 2010

New York State of Mind

After being in New York for two months, I am finally getting the hang of the city. I can take the subway without getting lost, walking twenty blocks seems like nothing, and I’ve learned to plug my nose when walking by the street vendors (they are too tempting! Especially the Greek food and roasted peanuts…)

Along with these things, generally, New Yorkers hate tourists. I find myself rolling my eyes at those standing in front of a horse drawn carriage snapping pictures, or god forbid, trying to talk to me on the subway (Don’t you realize I have my earphones on for a reason?)

But this weekend, I got off my high horse, and became a tourist myself. My best friends from high school came to visit and we did every cheesy, annoying, touristy thing possible (Yes, we were those girls singing “Empire State of Mind,” walking through the park.)

The best part of the weekend was definitely the Empire State Building. It was completely worth the fifty or so dollars that we spent to make our way to the top. I’m all about being a “true New Yorker” and abhor the idea of looking like a tourist. But sometimes, you just need to let your freak flag fly and enjoy this wonderful city!

On to more important things, like my lack of a clip for the website. My editors keep promising that it’s coming, but I can only wait so long. After all, the summer is quickly coming to an end.

I did follow up with my plan and mentioned to my editor again that I’d love to have a clip. She was very gracious and told me that I would definitely be next to write. Hopefully next week, I’ll have better news!

And finally, my most important news, I have it on good authority that after a few weeks filming in Paris, “Gossip Girl” is back filming in New York! Keep your eye out for Blaire, Serena, and the rest of the gang.

How about you, Edsters? Any fun New York City events you went to and loved?

Until next week,
Ed's Edit Intern

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