Saturday, August 17, 2013

Speaking Up for What You Want

Hey Edsters!

At the magazine the other week we had our mid-term reviews, which were actually pretty late into the summer, and it got me thinking about a lot. During my review sessions I talked with both my bosses going over what I had done right and what I need to improve on. A lot of the time spent talking we discussed my work so far at the magazine and how I thought I was doing. During the conversation I told them that I have an interest in the marketing, advertising, and the web side of the magazine. After talking about other parts of putting a monthly magazine together it made me realize that I have a lot more interests than just the features department.

A little while after having that conversation, one of the editors was talking to us during a roundtable sharing her past experiences before landing her job at the magazine. The editor told the group how she worked in the public relations department of a media outlet for a many years in the beginning of her career, and later told her colleagues that she really wanted to be a writer. 

After hearing someone so highly respect at the magazine say that she had changed her career path from a public relations professional to an editor it reminded me of myself; I went from a PR internship to a features magazine one. But it also made me think again -- like some colleges students through their time in different internships -- what do I really want to do? So far this summer I have learned I love the environment of a magazine, but am I really a writer at heart? 

There is so much more that I could be doing at my internship in terms of types of tasks and working in different departments, however that is not how most internships are set up. I really like what is thrown at me with pitching and writing but I also really like the strategy behind making a magazine sell and digital media. More and more I view my internship as a way to help me figure out what I love, something I haven't hit the nail on the head yet. Hearing from other editors that it took each of them a few tries to find what they're best at, and many are still not there yet, made me feel better that I am looking as well. I love my internship and am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to figure out what I want to do and what I love. I think it is important for all Edsters to figure out what they want in a career and therefore speak up at work to be given the type of assignments they want. What do you think is the best way to determine the best career, inside a magazine and outside?

Out for now,
Edit Intern

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