Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saying Bye & Leaving a Mark

Hey Edsters!

I know I will be ending my internship soon, I have started to think back more and more about my summer and life at my job. Like many other college students, I have read, heard, and learned so much about the proper way to end an internship to ensure our boss remembers you past your time in the office. It can be hard and a bit scary to try and end on the right note. I have heard from many that written notes are a must to give all of our bosses and you should feel free to give out your business card as well. Since we have all probably heard of the best ways to end your internship and leave your mark, I figured I'd leave some tips for nailing your last few days before you have to say good-bye. 

Give a heads-up. Odds are you're working with other editors, whether it be a web editor for an online story or fashion editor helping organize a closet, it's important to tell not just you're boss when you're leaving. The other day I pitched a web article to an editor and later told her when my last day is due to the fact that she might not get around to editing it or reading other pitches before I leave. Even if you worked with an editor only a few times it is a good idea to give them a heads up on your departure; you never know what assignment they might give you or if the conversation is a good time to exchange contact information.

Contact your contacts. Going off of what I said about getting contact information, do so for just about everyone you work with. If you haven't already, get the interns you worked with information as well, you never know who you might work again with one day. Once you end the internship, email your boss(es) every month or so just to keep in touch. The good thing about interning at a magazine is the work you did that summer or semester will be published a few months later, a good excuse to send an email to the editor who did a piece you helped with.

Say what you want. More and more at work I hear stories about editors who waited too long to tell their bosses what they really wanted to do and the type of stories they wanted to work on. Be sure to communicate with your boss what you want from a career and how he or she many help you achieve that. It is important I have learned to remember that your boss is there to help you (and they want to help you!) Don't be scared to speak up and ensure your career goes in the direction you want it to. 

Hopefully these tips to ending an internship are helpful, it can definitely be hard ending such a great experience. What are you going to do before ending your internship?

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