Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Tips for Leaving Your Internship

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Hey Edsters,

Now that my internship is winding down I’m starting to plan my exit strategy. Here are some tips for you to do the same:

Finish strong: I’ve asked for multiple assignments that I know I can finish by my last day. By staying busy and asking for assignments, it showcases your (strong) work ethic. Also, when if one of your editors is listed as a reference, they’ll remember how hard you worked all year, rather than how you completely gave up. The last couple of weeks will be the most poignant to impress your editors. On that note…

Ask for recommendations: Ask the editor(s) that you felt a strong connection with to be listed as a reference on your resume. Maybe you did a lot of writing for them or came through consistently in a pinch. Those are the kind of people you want to ask. Another great person to list as a reference is your supervisor. Typically, he or she is your mentor and the one in charge of your mid-internship and end-of-the-internship review.

Write thank you notes: It is so important to thank your editors for all they’ve done this summer. When you write your thank you note, try to be as specific as possible for how the editor has helped you, especially when you’ve worked with several editors. By making them individual, it’ll leave them with a better lasting impression. Little gifts are also great to attach with the cards. I plan on buying mini cupcakes wrapped up nicely to go with the cards for all of my editors.

Edsters, do you have any other advice for the best way to leave an internship? Sound off here!
One more week left!

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