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How to Say Goodbye: 3 Things You Should Definitely Do Before You Leave

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Say it isn’t so! My last day interning for Women’s Lifestyle Magazine is nearly here. I’ve worked hard, learned more than I could have ever imagined about the magazine world, and made some incredible connections with a few amazing editors. But, my work isn’t quite done yet!

I still have a few loose ends to tie up at my internship before I leave New York City. With my last days looming: here are three things every intern should totally do before peacing out for good.

1. Leave a handwritten thank you note.

It is so important to leave your editors a thank you note before you leave. A thank you note is a surefire way to stick in your editor’s mind. Plus, it’s your chance to showcase how much you learned and how they affected your bourgeoning career. Don’t be afraid to reference specific moments from your internship that stuck out, like that time your editor showed you how to write kickass interview questions, etc. A handwritten and personalized card will mean a lot to your editor, and you will no doubt stick out in his/her mind in the future.

Good to note: Don’t leave your editor an elaborate gift. One senior editor at a lifestyle mag said that gifts—while thoughtful—make editors feel kind of awk. They know that interns don’t rake in the dough and spending money on a parting gift seems really unnecessary. It’s best to stick to well-written cards only.

2. Speak up! Ask about future opportunities.

If you haven’t already, ask about any opportunities your editor knows of before you leave.

Can you freelance?
Is there a possibility to pitch ideas to the magazine?
Are there future internships or jobs available that the editor knows of?

Don’t be afraid to let an editor know that you are interested in other opportunities down the road—it might just pay off. I asked my editor if Women’s Lifestyle Mag accepted winter interns. In the past, only fall, spring and summer internships were available. But my editor is looking into the possibility now that I asked! Score!

3. Ask the best way to keep in touch.

Don’t forget to ask your editor how to keep in touch with him/her. My editor loves Twitter and practically lives on her email, so that’s how she prefers for people to get in contact with her. Another editor I spoke with is obsessed with tangible mail. She loves it when former interns send mail because to her, it shows a different sort of thoughtfulness.

How are you preparing for your final day Edsters? Sound off in the comments!

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