Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How To Prepare For An Internship At A Mag You've Never Read

Hey Edsters,

I feel a little bit like I’m in the middle of finals week. Notebooks and pens are piling up around my house, and suddenly my Facebook newsfeed is 10 times more interesting than usual. But I took my last final three weeks ago, so I’m not preparing for exams. I’m preparing for my internship. 

The major difference between this and finals week is that once I actually do get down to business, I don’t want to stop. I’ve been scouring the back issues my editor sent me and immersing myself in all things the mag covers. I find it really interesting, which is handy since there's quite a bit of material.

I'll admit though, the magazine I'm interning at didn't always clutter the floor of my room.
I'm not a lifelong reader who will be able to jump in and immediately be an expert in the subject area. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in the content, just that at this stage in my life, I'm not exactly the target reader.

I have moments when that really worries me. They usually come about halfway through a back issue when I realize that I could probably memorize every recent issue and still not be as well versed in the topic as the editors I'll be assisting. It's funny, though, how quickly that panicky feeling disappears when my phone beeps or I have a new Facebook notification. 

I leave for New York in six days. As much time as I want to spend researching for my internship, I also want to do things like hang out with my friends and family one last time, buy a whole new pre-internship wardrobe and spend hours playing with my cat (you know, the important stuff). 

So the next few days will be about balance. I'll make sure to go into it as much of a magazine expert as I can, but I just might stop short of memorizing every issue since 1998. 

How do you prepare for a magazine internship? 

See ya next Tuesday,
Edit Intern

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