Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Bounce Back After A Crappy First Day

Week one down! Before I go off and throw myself a congratulatory party, first things first. 

My first day was long, tough, and extremely awkward—nothing like I thought it would be. Though I had my prior knowledge of my previous internship, it felt like everything I did was being watched by my fellow interns. The hours were much longer than expected and time went by painfully slow. I continued to drink endless amounts of water just so I could keep going to the bathroom and scroll through Twitter for a brief breather. At lunch I felt like the scene straight out of Mean Girls where Cady eats her lunch the first day of school in a bathroom stall. After leaving, I couldn’t even think about going back and doing this all over again. But, I woke up at 7:00 am the next morning, called my mom to get a pep talk and attempted at day two. 

Day two I feel into the same awkward abyss for the first half of the day. Then at lunch, I met with a friend I interned with at my former mag and found he felt the exact same way about his first day. I finally felt like I wasn’t alone or that my feelings were overdramatic or irrational. We talked about what our places were like and all the details. After I went back to my floor after lunch, I had a completely different attitude towards things. My day had a complete 180. I felt more at ease and less tense, like I belonged there instead of being “the New Girl.” 

Amidst all my feelings of my nervousness, I realized that change is hard. Even though I am used to being in New York, used to the building I work in, and used to the basic inner workings of a magazine’s fashion department, it’s still a change in people, atmosphere, and publications. Even though I’ve gone through numerous changes in my life, as I’m sure many of you have, every new experience comes with change. It’s harder to fight it than embrace it and face it with a positive attitude (which is so much easier said than done). But I’ve tried to fight it before and it just ends up with me being unhappy. 

So my week ended on a positive note with the days flying by, with the hours going as quickly as minutes, and my trips to the bathroom drastically decreasing. With every new transition or experience, there’s some lesson to be learned or something valuable to take out of it. So even though my first day and a half felt like a self-conscious, uncomfortable form of torture, it got better. So even if you might not be starting an internship in New York City or something of the sort, it’s important to remember to stick it out and make the best of your new change. Even though it’s not perfect for me right now, I feel like things can only get better.

How do you guys deal with new, stressful situations? Any advice for me? Sound off in the comments below!

Until next Mon, Edsters!
Fashion Intern

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