Friday, June 8, 2012

How I Landed My First Byline

Hey Edsters, 

Things have been steadily progressing, with the workload increasing in small waves.  Although I’ve had to postpone researching my assignment until the editor approves an eye-catching photo to match, I’ve been involved with other projects that have proved to be quite interesting. I worked on different research topics for various feature stories, some involving combing through old records online and others for the business side of the entertainment industry.

One day,  an editor asked if I watched a popular TV show. Even though I admitted that I didn’t, she surprised me by asking me to write about it for the website. 
She instructed me to watch a posted video with interviews from the talent to recap the latest episode. Quickly whipping up a write-up with quotes, I emailed her my story. Then the editor summoned me to her desk for editing and posting in the content management system. She patiently reviewed my writing, tweaking the grafs to clarify the details and emphasize the notable names for SEO. Lastly she demonstrated how to upload it online, dropping in final hash tags for the Twitter feed. I beamed at my first published clip with the magazine and the editor congratulated and high-fived me!

After lunch, a writer enlisted me for another transcription task that wasn’t as bad as the first one. Instead of the old-school machine, she loaned me her mini tape recorder. Cradling the slim device in the palm of my hand, I trotted back to my desk to settle in for another stretch of transcribing. I thought it would be easier with more modern equipment, but it ended up being trickier to figure out. I periodically had to stop to check over what I’d typed, but since the tiny buttons were closer together I accidentally skipped over another part of the tape. Deathly afraid of erasing the interview, I gingerly rewound back to the starting point. 

Instead of completely the task quickly, it took me until the end of the day. When I returned her recorder and turned in the hard copy of the interview on way out the door, I knew she was disappointed that it had taken me longer than she anticipated. I can hope that all my extra efforts will outweigh my shortcomings, especially since a new wave of interns will arrive soon.

Till Friday,
Entertainment Intern

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