Friday, July 17, 2009

The Halfway Mark

Happy Friday, Edsters! Another week has come and gone, and I'm starting to wonder how half of the summer has already evaporated. Well, at least it's starting to feel like summer outside, even if the humidity is making my hair frizz. I just don't consider it true summertime until the dog days when I'm sweating it out the minute I step outside my air-conditioned office building. But I think that time has come!

I recently read an article on about life after a print-journalism education. Now I'm not suggesting membership in a professional gun club like certain NYT articles (that'll make you curious enough to read it!), but there's an interesting overarching message amongst all the paranoia. It's ironic that information is permanent, but the world is in motion. Some people are paralyzed by the rapid motion — those are the people who will be left behind during this era of change. But you can't let the medium hold you back; there's tons of stories out there still waiting to be told. The human race loves a great sob story, a great comeback, a great "ohmigod" saga.

Speaking of sagas! I can't wait to see The September Issue, a documentary feature film about EIC Anna Wintour and the pseudo-reality that is Vogue. It looks hoity-toity, but isn't that what draws us in? It's slated for release on August 28, so mark your calendars and program your Blackberrys! (Fun fact: AP Style tweeted that the plural of 'Blackberry' is 'Blackberrys,' not 'Blackberries.')

Anyway, I've been super crazy busy these past few weeks. I'm growing to love my internship more and more as time passes. I've been writing online quizzes (and racking up the bylines!), interviewing some celebs, attending movie premieres and holiday gift guide events, and covering concerts. I'm also getting a hair makeover at a premiere NYC salon for a before/after feature on my mag's Web site, which I'm beyond pumped about. My hair is usually (read: always) a hot mess — it's super-curly and untameable. So I'm looking forward for a change-up, especially since I'm studying abroad in the fall! I'm trying to reveal some juicy deets, although I do have to keep it as vague as possible.

And to close on a happy note, check out this article about how J-Schools are still going strong. Love it.

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  1. Sounds like you're getting to do a lot of exciting things lately. I'm beyond jealous!

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