Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey Edsters,

So sorry for the hiatus, I (thankfully) was on vacation and then got sick and so I have just started my last two weeks here in money land.

I hope you enjoyed reading my ideas/complaints/quirks and qualms throughout this Internship. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my favorite parts of NYC life and the trials of being an Intern in the summer with you! I hope you all enjoyed your own experiences and learned a lot from them.

Does anyone have an internship for the fall yet? I just accepted mine for a newspaper, and am quite excited. I LOVE LOVE LOVE magazines, but it might be interesting to try my hand at something new this fall.

I'm going into my senior year, as I'm sure many of you are, and I can't believe it!! If you're reading this as a freshman let me tell you- ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF COLLEGE- take advantage of each and every opportunity presented because before you know it, you're out there in the real world working and trying to create a life/career.

Anyway enough with the words for today:

First I can't believe this weather! My hair grew about three inches as I stepped out of the subway this morning, and I'm sure yours did as well!!

This week is almost done (thank god it's wednesday!) and hopefully this weekend will be really nice. Last weekend I managed to hit up an amazing Mexican resturant- it's called Mamma Mexicana and it's on 3rd and E 49th. SOOOO Good!! It's one of those legit places that make the guacamole at your table- and their Sangria and Margaritas were awesome. Hit it up after work one of these weekends to give yourself one last NYC hoorah.

I'm working on some random projects, but mostly closing up some loose ends- and that's about it. I'm also listening to 20 on 20 xm radio via my computer which is quite fun and really breaks up the day.

As always, email me with questions/comments/etc-

more tomorrow
xoxox money gal ;)


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