Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Fight The Monday Blues

When school is in session, I dread the arrival of an upcoming Sunday. That is because Sunday is super homework day. I need to plan my studying for the week, organize my interviews for my journalism classes, read most of the endless assigned pieces … and basically stay at home trying to diminish my workload for the days ahead. But during the summer, things are totally different. Sundays become precious. You don’t have those panicky, anxiety-filled dreams revolving around an upcoming test. Usually, you can wake up and decide to do something right then and there – with no planning ahead. Sunday really becomes the most relaxing and valued day of the week. So here goes the lesson of the week:

Use your Sundays smartly, my dear Edsters! Wake up, have a nice breakfast (I like to stay caffeine-free during the weekend… but that doesn’t seem to be working out lately), and just relax. That’s a word us interns have a difficulty understanding, considering we’re mostly running around all week, trying to impress an editor or a director. But, truthfully, no one’s really watching you on Sundays.

So take a walk, go to the beach, have three nice, full meals, sleep in, read a book, stay at home all day and watch TV, hang out at Starbucks with your friends, have absolutely meaningless conversations, go shopping for clothes you never wear… just do something that doesn’t require too much brain activity. You actually might end up being happy to return to work on Monday (a feeling that, I assure you, fleets away three hours into work), because your brain cells will be longing for the power of meaningful and culturally enriched conversations.

So off I go, enjoying my Sunday before another week of brain-stimulating activities. Do you have any fun Sunday rituals to get psyched for work the next day?

Until next week!
Ed's Web Intern

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