Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Internship Ever

I hate math. Despise it was a deep passion. So when my editor said “Hey, convert these ounces to gallons,” I had a slight panic attack. After a sneaky call to my father who explained how to solve the problem, I surprised myself (and probably my editor!) by getting the correct outcome. Thanks, Dad! Unfortunately, my sixth grade teachers were right. You will use math for the rest of your life. Awesome.

I’m beginning to bond with the other interns. Intern 1 and Intern 2 are (so far…) awesome. It’s really nice having people to commiserate with when things get bad, share work with, and gossip with when things get slow.

Work is still pretty awesome. I’ve gotten some more research projects, which aren’t too terribly boring. It’s kind of fun pretending I’m someone special who can make demands and ask for special favors (Yes, I plan on taking advantage of the freebies that accompany my job! Don’t think less of me, Edsters). I still haven’t gotten any clips for the website, but fingers are still crossed!

Next week, I get to go to an event for the health editor. The last event I attended, I felt really out of place. I told the director of the event that I was an intern and immediately felt her disdain for me. The second she found out I was a lowly intern, she started treating me like a child. So I’ve learned my lesson. Unless they specifically ask, just let them assume you’re someone important! (Although I would argue that the offices would fall apart without the grunt work of interns…)

How is everyone’s internship going? Any one have any tips on how I can get that writing assignment?

Until next week,
Ed's Edit Intern

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