Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ed’s Edit Intern in the Big City

Hi fellow Edsters!

This summer is flying by. I can’t believe that it’s already July. In less than two months, I’ll be flying back home to a much less interesting life, without caramel cone ice cream (only the best Haagen Daaz flavor of ice cream that can’t be found in the Southern city where I live.)

My landlord (who also happens to be a family member that I’m living with this summer outside the city) warned me that when I was in the city, time would seem to stop. The outside world would cease to exist. She was undeniably right. New York is all I think about. I eat, drink, sleep, ride, walk, sit, and breathe New York City. It’s a stark difference from the slower paced life of my hometown, far, far away from here.

My feet seem to be taking a direct hit from the Big Apple. No matter what shoes I wear, I have painful blisters, small cuts that turn into big scabs and a constant ache in my right heel. The city grime covers them and I’ve learned to enjoy the clean grass on my bare feet in the town outside the Big Apple that I live in. But the way I figure it, if this is my worst problem, I’m doing okay.

The last five weeks have blurred by. I’m learning to take advantage of the close city and everything it offers. I’ve learned a lot that only New York can teach me. Shopping at Bloomingdale’s without money is NOT fun and can only lead to heartbreak (Good bye, $300 little orange mini with zipper detailing!). Taking the margarita train (consisting of one highly alcoholic margarita from Grand Central) is not as fun when you’re alone. Central Park is a welcome haven from the smog and sweat that take over the streets. But I’ve fallen in love, and can’t seem to stop imagining myself living here on my own one day.

The other interns are all here now. Sharing the work has been difficult, especially on a slow week like this one. When an editor or editorial assistant asks us if we’re busy, a chorus of “no’s” echo from our desk. But I no longer have to lunch alone, and YES, Mother, I do have friends.

Day to day tasks include making copies, fact checking/researching upcoming articles, responding to letters, working on projects, and attending events the editorial assistants can’t make it to.

This past week I have been tirelessly working on a research project that, get this, won’t be published until December. While researching the same facts over and over and over again may sound fun, it’s kind of boring and very tedious. I’ve called a certain credit card company a thousand times and I’m still waiting for a response. But every time I get a “Great job, Edit Intern” and an enthusiastic smile, it’s totally worth it.

Besides research, I work a lot with the entertainment editor. In short, I want her job. Every day, I am tasked with checking people.com to keep her updated with celebrity entertainment. Needless to say, it’s my favorite part of the job.

So far, the other two interns have gotten to write clips for the website. I haven’t received “an assignment” yet, but I’m hoping to in the next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

PS: If you’re over 21, check out internbar.com. This website will keep you in the know about awesome bar specials for interns all over the city. Can't wait to update you next Mon!

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