Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Fact-Check Your Ass Off

I never realized just how much research goes into an article (and I know I'm not the only intern fact-checking away). If you haven’t had any experience with researching an article, let me explain the process. The article is written (usually outsourced from a freelance writer). Once the author submits the article, it goes to the research department, where it is usually passed on to yours truly. My job is to find the quotes in the original transcript, and highlight and number them according to the numbers on the original article.

It’s a complicated process that takes up most of my day. But it’s better than babysitting, which is what I would be doing at home! The best part of all this research is that when I see the finished article in the magazine, I’ll know that it was all me!

So far, my internship has gone off without a hitch. Unlike the first event I attended, the press junket I went to last week for the health editor went great. The editor asked me to get information on how children can get involved in community work. It won’t be featured in an article, but it will still be a little blurb on the health page. At first, I felt very intimidated, like everyone knew I was just an intern. But the women at my table were helpful and nice. Before I knew it, I was explaining my own ideas of how to get children involved in the community.

This time, I didn’t tell anyone I was an intern. Hey, they didn’t ask and I didn’t offer up any information! I asked questions, nodded my head like I knew what they were talking about, and got an awesome press pass. Don’t tell anyone, but I secretly kept it in my desk drawer.

And does anyone else have a killer freebies table? I’ve scored some pretty awesome swag the last couple weeks. Also, if you want an awesome guide to New York, check out The daily newsletter keeps me updated on cool events, sales, and need-to-visit ice cream stores!
But I want to hear everyone’s crazy stories (more importantly, I’ll know what to do if something happens to me!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. See ya next Monday!
Ed's Edit Intern

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