Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trying to Stay Motivated When Your Job Hunt Hits A Wall

Howdy there, Edsters! Today's post is pretty deep. I know I've offered advice, stories and useless information about my NYC escapades. But now it's time for some wisdom and truth. So get ready.

When I first moved in to my closet-sized NY apartment, my roommates had this anonymous quote on our refrigerator and it's really had me thinking these last few days:

"The creatively strong survive. It takes a lot of courage and determination to make it out here. There will be many paths to choose and some may not alway be the best. Try not to get caught up in the scene. It can destroy people. Be careful who you trust . New York and Los Angeles are both cities of dreams, and your dreams and motivations have to be strong or they will be lost in the confusion of these cities."

I try to look at this quotation every morning and remind myself that I have to stay motivated to achieve my goals, but lately I feel like I haven't been giving my all to my internship at The Fitness Mag. I look at my fellow interns, high on the success of landing their first big gig, and I wish I could get that enthusiasm back. I'm not getting paid, and I feel like I'm back to square one, when I had my first magazine internship.

It seems like some of the other Ed Intern Diaries contributors are having more luck that I am, because I haven't even had an official interview yet. Most EA jobs are word of mouth, and so I feel like I haven't even been able to apply for many jobs, because I don't hear about them. I've sent in resumes and cover letters to online postings, and to HR contacts at magazine publishers, but no one has followed-up for an interview.

As you remember from my first post, I said this was "show time", because I have to find a job in NYC by the fall if I want to stay here (which I do, SO badly). I've been applying to jobs at PR agencies, as well as magazines, because I desperately need a paying job. But if I already feel like giving up on my dream job, maybe I'm not cut out for the cut-throat world that is New York City magazines.

To be totally honest, I don't know if I have the drive to fight as hard as I need to to get a magazine job. I know I need to be setting up informational interviews, trying to make contacts for freelance writing, and networking with anyone in the industry. But every time I meet other inters that have done everything right and still can't land a job- like my friend that interned with two national publications but now works as a secretary, and a fellow Fitness Mag intern who's been interning for 8 months- I find it really difficult to stay motivated.

Right now, I'm trying to stay patient, because life doesn't always work on our timeline. In tough industries, like the one we're all trying to break in to, it takes perseverance and dedication to make it. If working for a magazine is really your dream job, you have to have thick skin. You're going to feel rejected, and you're going to feel like a loser that can't even get an email response when you send in your resume. But you have to drown out the people that want to see you fail, and focus on what you've accomplished and the people that have faith in you and your dreams.

But hey, that's way easier said than done.

Any words of wisdom, Edsters?

Till Next Saturday,

Fitness Intern


  1. I find it interesting that you said to "drown out the people that want to see you fail." For me, there is no greater motivation to succeed than the people who want to see me fail, or the people who want to see me succeed but just don't think that I will. I think that with the type of career-path we chose for ourselves, we have to treat our lives somewhat like a movie. I sometimes have the Rocky theme song playing as I send out my resume to anyone and everyone I could think of. Don't let other people's credentials and bad luck discourage you. Fair or not, this is a world based on luck. And just because someone with an impressive resume didn't land a job, doesn't mean that you won't. It all comes down to motivation, and how bad do you really want it. Never give up. Never stop trying. And most importantly.... Think outside the box.

  2. It's amazing that you posted that. I've been going through something very similar: I'm a recent college grad, applying for millions of jobs, and it's so hard to actually get an interview. I've been trying hard to get motivated, and here's what I've done. I found a friend who is applying for similar things, and we meet once a week at a coffee shop to apply together. Since we're both not getting responses, it makes us feel a little less alone, plus we can ask each other for advice and encouragement if we need it. The other thing I've done (and this is a little dorky), is to make a playlist called NYC filled with songs that remind me of New York and my career goals. I listen to it when I apply for jobs, and the music gets me all pumped up, like a workout. Yes, a lot of the songs are from movies like The Devil Wears Prada, but they work! Good luck (to both of us)!

  3. Oh one other thing: I sometimes use my blog to get out my frustrations. I'm telling you, it's uncanny how helpful it can be. I write "Dear Universe" letters, and literally the next day I'll have a solution to whatever problem has been bothering me. Whether it's just fate or positive thinking, I don't know, but it works.

  4. ^^ I do the same thing with the playlists. My favorite is "Watch Me Shine" by Joanna Pacitti. Works like a charm!

  5. Just stay cool. Be patient, in time you'll find your job too.
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