Monday, August 8, 2011

Fashion Secrets From The Closet

Aloha Edsters!

We’re a week into August, meaning that my internship (and summer vacation!) is nearing its end.

As an intern, I’ve learned that no matter what market you’re in (fashion, editorial, sports, feature, etc.) you’re going to have to work your way up from the bottom.

Cue the clichés.

That’s how it’s been, that’s how it is, and most likely how it will continue to be. I see nothing wrong with putting in long hours to get to where you want to be. There are no shortcuts to success. Heard it all before? Me too. But I’m starting to think that my parents, professors, bosses and everyone who’s every offered unsolicited advice to me may be on to something.

Life lessons aside, I’ve also learned a lot about fashion this summer. I’ve learned how to correctly pronounce the names of French and Italian designers (and how to keep my mouth shut when I can’t figure it out! I cringe at the memory of another intern gushing over the latest “Give-en-chee” samples only to be quickly corrected by the fashion assistant. For the record, Givenchy is pronounced Gee-VON-shee. Check this page out on The Chic Spy for more tricky pronunciations). And I’ve also uncovered one major truth:

Fashion isn’t about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it.

The Fashion Mag features editorial fashion, meaning that’s it’s more about art than retail. To be honest, the Mag can be a little intimidating to those who know nothing about the fashion world. Angular models in sky high-heels, a species of handsome men at ease in suits – it’s another world. I used to feel like an outsider, not unlike Anne Hathaway’s character in the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada.

Slowly though, I got used to the environment. The fast-pace of the city, the urgency of photo shoots, the attitude of editors and stylists. If I managed to fit in here, anyone can fit in wherever they desire. (No seriously, a few months ago I wasn’t exactly fashion intern material. Now my friends refer to me as “Ms. Fashion Mag.”)

Back to the fashion isn’t about what you wear thing. I know it sounds a little vague, but I’m starting to realize it’s not all about the clothes, it’s about the way you feel after you put them on. It’s about how heels can make an intern feel awkward or powerful. How a dress can make me feel confident even when I’m drenched from the rain. How shoes can make or break the man.

Wait, you knew that? So maybe I’m one step behind the crowd Edsters, but you know what? I’m doing this at my own pace.

You can find me at 5th Ave,

Fashion Intern

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  1. Hi I really loved this post. I am trying to break into the fashion industry. my ultimate goal is to become a celebrity stylist, but I have no experience just a passion for fashion. All my friends say that I belong on the red carpet and it has always been my dream to be a model or work in the fashion world. I live in Dayton, Ohio currently and am trying to relocate to LA to pursue my love for fashion, if you have any advice that could help me I would love to hear, thanks